Industrial Batteries

Motolite also meets industrial power solutions. We provide industrial batteries to a number of sub-sectors, including general electronics, warehouse transportation and utility stations. A stable power source is vital in large operations, so who else is there to trust but the most reliable battery manufacturer in the country? In fact, over 100 companies in the Philippines put their industrial power needs in the hands of Motolite.

From mining, telecoms and other manufacturing industries, Motolite offers a wide range of industrial battery products. These machines, being power hungry and subject to severe usage, require power sources that will stand strong at the most demanding times. Motolite's VRLA batteries are what you need: ultra efficient, havea high discharge rate and operate in any position.

For industrial transportation purposes, our traction batteries can cut your high expectations. Loaded with many premium features, such as a tubular design, an inter-cell connector and low-antimony positive plates, you can be sure that Motolite will help you carry the load of your enterprise. Our traction batteries also qualify for use in aircraft ground support equipment, mining and generators.

Stationary batteries are among Motolite's many specialty products, and caters to the most taxing of workstations. When losing power isn't an option, Motolite's very own stationary batteries will make sure that your equipment has power all the time. Contact us for more information about industrial batteries.

Forklift & Traction Batteries

Motolite Traction Batteries are antimonial deep-cycle batteries of tubular plate design that ensure high output power to serve requirements of moving industrial equipments / vehicles.

  • Higher power output through tubular plate design
  • Microporous polyethylene separators reducing the risks of short-circuits
  • Low antimony positive plates providing low maintenance and less frequent water topping required 
  • Burn-on inter-cell connector for excellent current carrying capabilities 
  • Sediment Bridge supports plates and decreasing possibility of short circuit due to shedding.
Stationary Batteries

Industrial battery with unique combination of extra thick positive grids, square plate format and multi-cell construction, with superior performance guaranteed. 

  • Very high energy density
  • Flooded lead acid
  • Flat plate construction in calcium or antimony alloy grids
  • High-cycling capability
Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries

Motolite VRLA are batteries that emit virtually no gas and need no special ventilation because it features.

  • Excellent cycling capability
  • Very high energy density
  • High rate discharge capability
  • Lowest self discharge rate 
  • Approved for shipping as non-hazardous, non-spillable
  • Operates in any position
  • Low internal resistance

Deep cyle battery. Built for long service life.


Use of tubular plates which has the following characteristics

  • Resist postive active material shedding therefore longer service life
  • Protects spine from corrosion 
  • Engineered to resist cracking and breaking during cycling
  • Structured to resist plate deformation during high temp cycling 

Tightly packed plates and separators avoid deterioration due to vibration.

Reinforced radial plate grids extend battery life.

Glass mat backed leaf separators

Shock resistant containers and lids

Low maintenance

24 months warranty

Solarmaster - Deep Cycle Batteries

The solar power battery is designed specifically for solar power installations, particularly those in which it is desirable that maintenance be kept to a minimum.

  • Longer discharge period and a lower discharge rate
  • Use of thicker, high-density plates
  • Excellent cycling capability because of thick lead-antimony grids
  • Heavy duty glass-mat separators resisting plate corrosion and increasing battery life