Motocycle Batteries

A big chunk of the population depend on riding Motorcycles to get to their daily destinations, and they need dependable motorcycle batteries they can rely on. Motolite Motorcycle Batteries (or MCB) ensures consistent and reliable power for the demands of Motorcycle users.
Each Motolite motorcycle battery is equipped with the same trusted technology that is used in Motolite’s automotive battery. You get the same quality, performance, satisfaction and reliability every time.
Get extra power for Quick engine starts and dependability in mind through Motolite MCB

Maintenance-Free Motorcycle Batteries

Ideal for motorcycles, scooter, and personal watercraft


• Completely Sealed
• Absolutely no acid spills or leaks in any position
• Uses VRLA (Valve-Regulaed Lead Acid) Technology, No need for periodic maintenance or supplemental water filling, Uses gas-recombination technology whic converts generated gas into water, Uses calcium plates whick reduce water loss & self-discharge.
• Use of special separator - AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), Liquid is absorbed by the AGM, ensuring no acid spills or leaks in any position, Vibration resistant - high puncture resistant separator increased serice life in high vibration applications
• Design for high performance and long life
• Factory activated - Ready to use, sealed and charged at the factory

Low Maintenance Motorcycle Batteries

Designed for motorcycle riders who want long-lasting performance at a reasonable price


Low-Maintenance Feature

  • Uses low antimonial alloy grids that minimize gassing therefore less maintenance
  • Uses heavy duty glass mat separator to resist vibration , keeping the active material intact through the partition welding to minimize internal resistance and maximize power


  • For topping of water when needed

Built under strict quality standards

  • Underwent "torture tests" to ensure product can withstand extreme conditions