Automotive Batteries


Deep cyle battery. Built for long service life.


Use of tubular plates which has the following characteristics

  • Resist postive active material shedding therefore longer service life
  • Protects spine from corrosion 
  • Engineered to resist cracking and breaking during cycling
  • Structured to resist plate deformation during high temp cycling 

Tightly packed plates and separators avoid deterioration due to vibration.

Reinforced radial plate grids extend battery life.

Glass mat backed leaf separators

Shock resistant containers and lids

Low maintenance

24 months warranty

Solarmaster - Deep Cycle Batteries

The solar power battery is designed specifically for solar power installations, particularly those in which it is desirable that maintenance be kept to a minimum.

  • Longer discharge period and a lower discharge rate
  • Use of thicker, high-density plates
  • Excellent cycling capability because of thick lead-antimony grids
  • Heavy duty glass-mat separators resisting plate corrosion and increasing battery life